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We Provide Quality Auto Repair Services

At Danbury Tires & Auto, we're your go-to destination for all your auto repair needs. With a team of skilled and experienced mechanics, we take pride in delivering top-notch service to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

  • Oil Changes

    Keep your engine running smoothly with our quick and efficient oil change service. Our expert technicians provide quality oil and filter replacements to prolong your engine's life and improve fuel efficiency. Don't skip a beat - schedule your oil change today.

  • Battery Replacements

    Don't let a dead battery stall your day. Our swift and efficient battery replacement service ensures you're never left stranded. Trust our experts to power up your vehicle reliably, so you can keep moving forward.

  • Brakes and Rotor Maintenance

    Brake & Rotor Mastery: Elevate your stopping power with our expert brake and rotor maintenance. Our skilled technicians keep your brakes in peak condition, enhancing safety and performance. Count on us for precision care your vehicle deserves.

  • New and Used Tires

    From premium new tires to budget-friendly used options, we've got your wheels covered. Explore our tire selection for the perfect fit. Plus, when it comes to tire repairs, our experts ensure safe and reliable solutions to keep you on the road with confidence. We offer tire plugs, tire patches, tire balancing, and more!

  • A/C and Heating Systems

    Stay cool and comfortable on your journeys with our AC repair expertise. When the heat is on, we're here to make sure your vehicle's air conditioning system performs at its best. Trust our skilled technicians to keep you breezing through the hottest days.

  • Wheel Alignment

    Experience precision on every road with our wheel alignment service. Our expert technicians ensure your vehicle's wheels are perfectly aligned, enhancing handling, tire life, and safety. Drive straight, drive safe - trust us for impeccable wheel alignment.

  • Check Engine Light

    Don't ignore that check engine light! Our diagnostic experts are here to decode the mysteries under your hood. When that light appears, trust us to find the issue and provide reliable solutions, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Inspection / Diagnostics

    At our shop, inspections and diagnostics are more than a routine check - they're a deep dive into your vehicle's health. Our expert technicians use advanced tools to uncover any issues, providing you with a clear picture of your vehicle's condition. Trust us for thorough and precise inspections that keep you informed and on the road with confidence.

  • Anything You Need To Get Done

    At our shop, we take pride in conducting any required service your vehicle needs. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your vehicle runs flawlessly. Trust us for comprehensive care, keeping you safe and your vehicle in top shape.

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